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RollPlay Musical Dice Game

by Marcus Wolfe


RollPlay is a musical dice game and workbook that makes the task of learning scales fun.


There are three die: a twelve-sided with all the keys, an eight-sided with the most commonly used scales, and a six-sided for whatever your imagination can invent.


It’s easy. Just roll the dice and you will get a scale, a key, and a possible variation such as arpeggio or thirds exercise.  Set your metronome and go for it!  I invented this game to study for proficiency examinations in college.  The idea is to practice first and then test your self with the game.  You can adjust it to suit your goals or curriculum.  It is accessible and graduated.  


Each game includes one set of dice, instructional workbook, sample exercises, and a scale syllabus.  Bass and treble clef editions are available.


RollPlay is copyrighted and patent pending circa 2003.




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Treble Clef Workbook

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Bass Clef Workbook

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